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  • Uravugal club started on June 2006 with a mission to indulge students in social welfare.
  • Various department faculties and students are the members of the Uravugal club.
  • The club started its service by providing Grossary items for the “Little Sisters of the poor home for aged”, Thindal, Erode, on September 2006. Again three times it served them in the same way.
  • The club helped a physically challenged student by giving her Calipers. Uravugal extended its helping hands to physically challenged peoples in the way of selling the crafts made by them among students.
  • The club contributed around Rs.1,52,346 for various needs like accidents, higher education etc.,


  • This club was started with the students of Mathematics, Physics and Electronics. 43 students joined the club when it was started on 31, December 2009.
  • The club was started for the following
    • To Create awareness about the world we live in
    • To Conduct day/night observations of Sun, Moon ,Planets, Galaxies, Stars and Comets
    • To Train the students to give lectures on several topics related to Astronomy.
    • To Conduct photo Exhibition and day observations during Solar Eclipse .
    • To Night observation during special astronomical event.

The club was organized 7 night sky observations, 2 guest lectures ,many power point presentations and exhibition. At present there are 160 student members are actively working in the club.

Department Associations



  1. தமிழ்த்துறையில் 2017 – 18 ஆம் கல்வியாண்டில் பைந்தமிழ்மன்றம் தொடங்கப்பட்டது. இதில்துறை ரீதியான பல்வேறு நிகழ்வுகள் நடத்தப்படுகிறது.
  2. தமிழ்த்துறைமற்றும்பிறதுறைமாணவர்கள்,அவர்களின்திறமைகளைவெளிக்கொணர்வதுஇம்மன்றத்தின்முதன்மைநோக்கமாகும்.
  3. தமிழ்த்துறை மாணவர்களே மன்றத்தின் தலைவர், செயலாளர் மற்றும் பொருளாளராக இருந்து செயல்படுவர்.
  4. மாணவர்களின்வழிக்காட்டுதலாகதமிழ்த்துறையின்வகுப்பாலோசகர்கள்ஒருங்கிணைப்பாளராகச்செயல்படுவர்.
  5. மாணவர்களின்தனித்திறன்களைக்கொண்டுபரிசுகளும்பாராட்டுகளும்வழங்கப்படும்

The Socrates Society

Department of English

The Socrates Society inaugurated in the year of 2015 for the welfare of the students. It helps the other department students to stay connected with our department students to upgrade their knowledge through competitions and events.

Ramanujan Forum       

 Department of Mathematics - UG

  • To organize the training programs, seminars, workshops on latest technology to enhance the technical Skill-set of students and faculties.
  • To enrich and empower the minds of students by conducting technical quizzes , competitions regularly
  • To organize the technical, non-technical events tpo improve the leadership’s quality among the students.

The Einstein Hub

Department of Physics

The Department of Physics has Club named  'The Einstein hub' to enhance students activities in academics & administrative bodies through which students actively having  Seminars, workshops,  Culturals, Miming ,Guest lectures ,Quiz competitions, sky observations  etc . The Einstein hub has planning various events to nurture young minds in all fields as well as to develop their additional skills. Every year the Einstein hub planning  multiple events  for both undergraduate and postgraduate students  by this active  academics & administrative bodies.                                                                  

Chem Flowers Association

Department of Chemistry

 The department of chemistry established the club by students named as “Chem Flowers”in the year 2016. The main objectives of the Chem Flowers association are

  • To spread awareness of chemistry and chemistry education through demonstrations and informational gatherings.
  • To develops leadership skills of students and to teach the students for the value of teamwork.
  • To promote outreach activities to create awareness of science in our society and to do this in a fun way and different variations of experiments.
  • To promote the distribution of chemical knowledge through seminars, conferences and guest lecturers and chemistry exhibitions.
  • To make the students to learn about graduate and job opportunities in the field of chemistry.


Department of Electronics

Formerly known as Analog and Digital Communication ‘ADCOMM’ Students Technical association was formed in 2004. This association aims at enhancing the technical knowledge of students by conducting various programs like organizing guest lectures, workshops, seminars, industrial visits, Electronic Exhibition, Inter-department technical competitions, and in bringing out the passion, intelligence, and creativity in them for bridging the gap between Academics & Industry. It also helps to create the ability to understand and effectively communicate engineering and related concepts, nurture entrepreneurship and leadership qualities to enhance their roles in providing service to society.


Department of Computer Applications

  • Department of Computer Applications has an association for students named ACAI (Association of Computer Applications Intellectuals). The main objective of the ACAI is to provide good platform to students to explore their skills and knowledge through curricular and extracurricular activities in computer field. Programs such as seminar, workshop, guest lecturer and various competitions like hackathons are carried out after consultation with the principal. Each year president and vice president to be final year BCA students. Secretary, two joint secretaries and a treasurer will be from II year BCA students. A group of five to six members have been appointed as association coordinators.


Department of Computer Science (UG)

TRACE is an association established by the Computer Science (U.G) department. The TRACE Association's vision is to offer students a place to experiment with their knowledge and skills. It primarily focuses on extracurricular and co-curricular activities among students through the "EMPOWER" event. The office bearers will be chosen to plan events during the academic year.


Department of Computer Science (PG)

The department of computer science (PG) holds its own students’ association which conducts an intra-collegiate function “ICUBE”. Starting from the year 1998 the department successfully conducts this program every year in the even semester. ICUBE is a student association run by students of Computer Science-PG. The main objective of the ICUBE is to give stage to students to explore their skills and knowledge through curricular and extra-curricular activities in the field of Computer Science. Over 50 participants from intra departments participate in various events of the program. The main highlight of this program is, it is fully planned and hosted by the students with the guidance of the teaching staff.  The motto of conducting this event is to inculcate the approaches like teamwork, leadership skills among the students, to bring out the in-built the talents within the students and to create a gracious relationship between the students. ICUBE, under the Department of Computer Science offers a excellent stage for students of interest and competitive strength to participate in different activities to show their obtained talent in debugging, paper presentation, marketing and technology skills. Apart from the behavior of the activities, the association counsels the additional contributor to execute well in future. The champions are rewarded in the gathering thus inspiring the other students to follow them. Through ICUBE various technical and non-technical activities are conducted. In addition, to technical events, students celebrate days like “Teachers Day” and “Science Day”. To welcome new students to Computer Science, the senior students organize “Fresher’s Day function” as well as to bid a farewell to final year M.Sc (CS) students the junior students organize “Farewell functions”.


Department of Biochemistry

MISSION: To enhance the student’s leadership qualities and encourage the students to actively involve in various aspects and to enable students to contribute for a global society.

VISION: Activities of the students for innovative and novelistic student programming through:

  • Event management skills, leadership qualities development
  • Department events and activities
  • Alumni meet organizations
  • Building foundation for their academic excellence
  • Establishing Student Activities as a skilled destination of preference where faculty members thrive
  • Incorporating tactic into regular practice and connect all team members in developing, assessing and reformulating on-going strategic priorities
  • Optimizing administrative skills and processes to superior serve

Amplicos Association

Department of Biotechnology

Association is possessing dedicated staff members with good interpersonal relationship. Effective teamwork in both academic and non-academic activities enhance us to achieve more. Also, provides more motivational ideas to develop our skills towards success. Possesses adequate infrastructure with well-developed equipment and  friendly environment towards work.


Department of Microbiology

The Department of Microbiology established the club by students named as “SAMFICA”in the year 2015.Our association aims to enhance the student’s leadership qualities and encourage the students to actively involve in various aspects and to enable students to contribute for the development of global society. SAMFICA association activities of the students for innovative and novelistic student programming through event management skills, leadership qualities development, Organizing department events and activities, Alumni meet organizations, Building foundation for their academic excellence, Establishing Students Activities as a skilled destination of preference where faculty members thrive, Incorporating tactic into regular practice and connect all team members in developing, assessing and reformulating on-going strategic priorities, Optimizing administrative skills and processes to superior serve, to render service to the society, to inculcate discipline as a value among students, to empower the students with the required skills to solve the complex problem of modern society and also provide them with a framework for promoting collaborative and multidisciplinary activities.

Film Club

Department of Visual Communication

Department of Visual Communication of K.S.Rangasamy College of Arts and Science (Autonomous) has started a Film club for movie lovers. Screening of artistic cinema, documentaries, animation films and short films will be organized by the Film Club. This Club offers an opportunity for students to watch, discuss and review films.


  • Screening movies and documentaries focusing multi-cultural environment and creativity.
  • To open the doors to the world cinema and Global culture.
  • To develop sense of watching films and appreciate good cinema.