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Women Empowerment Cell

As our Institution belongs to the rural community the maximum strength is from the rural population. The role of the cell is to empower the women from rural background. We empower the women by giving guidance and awareness programmes on health issues, improving their personality skills, social needs etc. Apart from this we provide space for them to prove their talents through various activities periodically. Details

Equal Opportunity Cell

Our college has the students from various social backgrounds including SC & ST category. This cell functions for the benefit of SC & ST students. Aim of the cell is to provide counseling and career guidance to those students. Based on the aim, the cell functions by (i) looking into the grievances of the weaker section of society and suggest amicable solutions to their problems, (ii) organizing periodic meetings to plan and conduct various programmes which encourage them to develop their communicative and employability skills thereby making them to fit into the corporate world. It also establishes coordination with the Government to mobilize academic and financial resources to provide assistance to those students.

Training and Placement Cell

The Placement Cell was established in the year 2005 – 06. Since its inception the Training and Placement Cell has played a pivotal role in creating the linkage between industry and Institution.